• Pink Mommy and Me Locket Necklace
Pink Mommy and Me Locket Necklace Pink Mommy and Me Locket Necklace Pink Mommy and Me Locket Necklace



10% of this sale will also help isolated communities, including mothers with Postpartum Depression.



Due to the once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse in North America, we're away from Aug 19-24, 2017. Your shipment might be delayed a few days. Because of this, please use code ECLIPSEWEEK for 40% off your order. Offer ends Aug 24, 2017. Thank you!!

      Gift your daughter One Thing you want her to know inside her own locket and inspire her. Wear your own matching "Cherish" Mommy Locket and wear your promise to her inside.

      Made with non-allergenic brass and genuine Swarovski crystals. 

      Handmade in Canada!

      3 sizes available

      Ships FREE within 1-2 days from Vancouver, Canada!
      Arrival time is between 3-7 days (within North America and UK) and 7-10 days (outside of North America and UK).

      Included in package: 

      • Your One Thing "Cherish" Mommy & Me (Daughter) Locket
      • 1 special One Thing message from someone in the world. Just open your locket! 
      • 3 "Our One Thing" locket inserts to write your message. Use any pen to write!
      • Seriously cute glass test tube packaging! 
      • We've dropped a cute, tiny brass heart in your test tube! Because every package needs a little love. 

            Our collection is intentionally high quality to set a new standard. Pieces are uniquely handmade in Canada from Swarovski Crystals and brass specially sourced in Austria, USA, Canada, Turkey, and Isreal.